“Duki Daso” following the fashion trend with the experienced working team managed to get to the top in its area as producer of bags and sales of other fashion accessories.

By joining top design and quality, as well as satisfying the needs of the consumers, they managed to create recognizable products which are true love of a woman.

Today DUKI DASO successfully keeps its competitive position both on the domestic and foreign markets, which is due to the quality of the products, and the proof of that is the wide demand for the products.

This company is more export oriented where 60% from the trade turnover is realized by export and 40% from the domestic market.

About the foreign market this brand is present in Serbia, Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Russia, Cyprus..

The market of the fashion industry has been very competitive over the years and only quality ffered by the best remained on top.

By owning the best characteristics and providing quality products on the market in Macedonia and abroad, DUKI DASO is included in the range of the most innovative companies in it’s industry.

The main priority of DUKI DASO is the pleasure of the final consumer, through continious investment in equipment for production of bags which have been offered with highest quality and safety in their exploitation.

Today DUKI DASO successfully maintains it’s competitive position both on the domestic and foreign market.

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